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Archive February 2020

Purebred Golden Retriever Puppy in Veterinarian's Arms

Purebred Puppies and Health Clearances: It’s More Than Just Looking for Worms!

About the author: Doctor Sharon French is a veterinarian and veterinary dentist with 35 years of experience. Sharon is the founder of and helps people make informed choices when it comes to dog ownership and breeder support. Health clearances: it’s a term that can confuse many dog owners and prospective dog owners alike, so…

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Dachshund having teeth examined.

Dog Dental Care: Top Tips for Healthy Teeth

Did you know February is Veterinary Dental Care Month in Canada and National Pet Dental Health Month in the U.S.? It’s a special time to focus on the importance of your pup’s dental health. Dental health for dogs is essential for many reasons, but ultimately, it prevents infection of the gums and teeth, which can…

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