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Archive July 2020

Owner disinfecting dog toys.

Pandemic-Related Pet Poisoning is on the Rise: Keeping Your Dogs and Puppies Safe

People have been extremely diligent about cleaning and disinfecting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While cleanliness is essential to limit the virus’ spread, there is an unintended side effect on the rise – pet poisonings. While most responsible puppy parents know what harmful products and ingredients to steer clear of, elevated stress in the wake of…

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Samoyed puppies with mother in an open field.

How to Find Reputable Dog Breeders and Avoid Puppy Scams

Although many of us have come together to offer support and kindness to our communities and neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an unfortunate fact that there are still bad actors taking advantage of others during this trying time. According to the Better Business Bureau and local police forces, puppy scams are on the rise…

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