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Archive November 2020

Woman with mask playing fetch with her Beagle.

What Should Dog Owners Expect During the Latest COVID-19 Surge?

In North America, the long-feared secondary COVID-19 surge is here – what should puppy owners be prepared to face as cases continue to spike? Protecting Your Dog From COVID-19 The good news is that the chances of your pup falling ill with COVID-19 continue to be rare. Back in the spring, we shared some tips…

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Woman hiking along trail with small white dog on leash.

Hunting and Hiking Season: Top Tips for Dog Owners

The leaves are changing, and the air is crisp! Fall might be one of our shortest seasons but it’s definitely a favourite. With temperatures beginning to cool, it’s no surprise that your pup is happy spending longer periods outdoors exploring. As owners, we’re making the transition to hiking and hunting season – time outside has…

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Female owner smiling and holding her Jack Russel Terrier puppy.

Getting a Puppy Means Caring for a Lifetime – Are You Prepared?

We ask ourselves lots of questions when we consider adding four furry feet to our families: What breed of dog should I get? Where can I find a reputable breeder that I can trust? Will a dog fit my existing family dynamic? Do I have the time and energy required to own a dog? Am…

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