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Archive November 2021

A puppy running on a field of flowers

Why Your Dogs Need Mental Stimulation & Physical Exercise

Has your dog ever chewed on your personal belongings? Shoes, cables, furniture, or clothes?  Many dog owners tend to perceive this kind of puppy behaviour as cute and playful. However, when you read between the lines, you’ll notice that what seems like regular dog antics might actually be pointing towards an issue of concern.  These…

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a dog with a vintage camera hanging around its neck

The 6 Best Dog Cameras of 2021

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you’re not at home? They may not be embarking on adventures like “The Secret Life of Pets” (actually, you never really know!) — but it is important to make sure your dog is always safe and well-behaved while you’re away.  Dog cameras can give you this…

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