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Archive July 2022

Two dogs hiding under a curtain together because they are afraid of fireworks

How to Keep Dogs Anxiety-Free During Fireworks

Dogs and fireworks are typically not a good mix. Though fireworks are a stunning display for us, they can be downright threatening to puppies and dogs. This is because the unpredictable loud noise of fireworks triggers your canine companion’s fight or flight response, causing them to bark, hide, or show other signs of fear.  In…

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A corgi panting in the summer heat

6 Must-Haves for Dogs that Hate Summer

Summer is finally here, which means that temperatures are rising, the sun is shining, and adventure awaits! Going on outdoor hikes or other excursions is mandatory during the summer season because who wouldn’t want an opportunity to soak up as much sun, sea, and fun as possible? Well, the answer is your precious pet dog….

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