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Prospective puppy owners recognize what an important decision adding a new member of the family can be. They are familiar with on line research as a preliminary step. We at PuppyViewer want to ensure that prospective owners are connected with the right breeder in an efficient streamlined process. With PuppyViewer, there will be no need for prospective owners to check out websites that sell everything from cars to kitchen sinks. We are all things canine!

When looking for prospective puppies through PuppyViewer, all relevant details about each puppy under consideration are at the fingertips of the potential owner. You may upload pictures, video footage, pedigree details, awards and information about your kennel you may desire. Health clearance medical records may also be uploaded for review.

By the time an appointment has been made to view a puppy, all they have to do is fall in love. PuppyViewer has been meticulously developed by industry insiders to meet the needs of both owners and breeders. Designed as a one stop shop, accurate and detailed information is easily accessible in a socially engaged and pressure free environment. There is no need to bounce in and out of websites waiting for page after page to load.

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