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Happy purebred puppy romping toward viewer, with graphic cannabis leaf image.

Medical Cannabis Products for Dogs: What You Should Know

Veterinarians often prescribe the same medications for dogs that a human would take. But in my 20 plus years of clinical veterinary practice, I can’t recall a time when clients and vets have had the same interest (and so many unanswered questions) about the same topic – medical cannabis products, especially cannabidiol (CBD). It’s been…

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Surgical-glove-clad hand holding cannabis. Graphic paw print image overlaid.

Considering a Cannabis Product for Your Dog? Here’s What You Should Know

In Medical Cannabis Products for Dogs: What You Should Know, the first of a two-part series, Sarah Silcox, DVM explains what you need to know about medical cannabis and for dogs. In this second part of the series, Dr. Silcox explains what you need to know if you’re considering a cannabis product for your pet, There…

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Welcome to Purebred Posts

Hi everyone, and welcome to Purebred Posts! We’re very excited to have this new, dedicated space to share the latest news and information about the world of purebreds.  The PuppyViewer community has been connecting breeders and owners for a while now, and this space will continue to do the same. However, we also firmly believe…

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