Bernard standing in snow.

Looking for a Pup Who Loves the Winter Weather? A Dog Breed Finder Can Help!

With winter weather quickly approaching, you might be wondering what breeds are most likely to be found frolicking in a fresh dusting of snow. Just like humans, there are some pups who love the cold weather and others that hide at the first sight of snowflakes! Using a dog breed finder tool like PuppyViewer’s, you’ll…

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Family teaching purebred dog leash etiquette

Dog Leash Etiquette: What to Know and What to Avoid

With the summer weather finally upon us, getting the dog out for a great walk is our top priority. Leash walking your dog has many benefits and setting yourself up for success is well worth the effort. But are you aware that there are a few dog leash etiquette rules you should be following? While…

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Group of purebred dogs at play

Dogs at Play: Is That Fun Fighting or Fight Fighting? Here’s What You Need to Know

Despite tens of thousands of years of domestication, sometimes it seems it seems that dogs aren’t too far removed from their wolf’ish origins. And nowhere is that more evident than during play time! What to a casual observer might look like a snarling, biting cage match, to one who understands the psychology of dogs at…

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Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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