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Shih Tzu under purple towel after being groomed.

Top 3 Winter Grooming Must-Dos for Your Dog

Winter has finally arrived! Whether your dog is a fan of snowy adventures or prefers to cozy up beside you on the couch, it’s important to switch up your pup’s grooming routine in the winter to keep them healthy and happy as the seasons change. 1. Adopt a Winter Coat Care Routine and Good Grooming…

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Woman with mask playing fetch with her Beagle.

What Should Dog Owners Expect During the Latest COVID-19 Surge?

In North America, the long-feared secondary COVID-19 surge is here – what should puppy owners be prepared to face as cases continue to spike? Protecting Your Dog From COVID-19 The good news is that the chances of your pup falling ill with COVID-19 continue to be rare. Back in the spring, we shared some tips…

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon wearing neck cone from vet.

Early Spaying and Neutering: Are You Aware of the Risks?

Part of PuppyViewer’s mission is to ensure pet parents are well informed when it comes to important topics that affect the health and wellbeing of their furry friends – and that includes sterilization. While some veterinarians still recommend having your dog spayed or neutered by six months of age, recent data shows us it might…

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Black Labrador wearing a life jacket on a boat.

Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy This Summer

Summer has finally arrived and we’re all enjoying the great outdoors more lately – especially in the wake of a global pandemic – but it’s important to remember that with the change of season comes new potential hazards for your furry friend. Today we’re taking a look at five common summertime hazards and how you…

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Beagle with separation anxiety waiting at window for owner.

COVID-19 and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

While staying at home is meant to help us reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, there are some other unintended benefits – especially for our canine friends. Our dogs love having us home all day, and although the additional quality time is wonderful, it’s important to remember that things won’t always stay…

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