Female owner smiling and holding her Jack Russel Terrier puppy.

Getting a Puppy Means Caring for a Lifetime – Are You Prepared?

We ask ourselves lots of questions when we consider adding four furry feet to our families:

  • What breed of dog should I get?
  • Where can I find a reputable breeder that I can trust?
  • Will a dog fit my existing family dynamic?
  • Do I have the time and energy required to own a dog?
  • Am I prepared to train my dog?

The list seems endless!

But there is one important question that should never be overlooked, whether you’re a first-time pet owner or an experienced puppy parent: are you prepared to provide a lifetime of excellent quality care for your dog?

Why is Veterinary Care so Important?

Dog ownership means committing to your puppy’s care throughout every stage of their life. Regular and proper veterinary care means many health problems can be caught early before they turn into much bigger (and more expensive!) issues. Consistent monitoring of your dog’s health means they can live their best life and be as strong and healthy as possible.

Good veterinary care goes beyond vaccinations – it includes spay/neuter, dentistry, and so much more.

Are You Prepared to Face Hurdles When It Comes to Veterinary Care?

Perhaps you feel prepared to handle the regular veterinary costs associated with owning a dog, such as the routine checkups, vaccinations, and more. But what about the unforeseen costs and other situational hurdles that you will surely encounter over the course of your dog’s life?

Let’s look at the COVID-19 pandemic as an example.

When the coronavirus shutdown occurred, it made it more difficult for people to access care and services across a variety of industries – veterinary care included. For some people, especially the immunocompromised, the threat of the virus meant staying home 24/7. With shutdowns across the country, thousands of people faced job loss, leading to restricted incomes and lots of uncertainty.

If future unforeseen circumstances arise that could affect your ability to access excellent veterinary care for your furry friend, will you be able to ensure they are still taken care of? This is part of caring for a lifetime – something every prospective puppy owner must consider!

Excellent Veterinary Care Means a Better – and Longer! – Life for Your Dog

At the end of the day, good and regular veterinary care not only extends the years of good health for your pup, it means more time spent with your furry friend!

We love our dogs just like the other members of our families and only want the best for them. Be sure that you are prepared to provide your puppy a lifetime of excellent care before deciding to make them a permanent part of your family.

Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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