Golden Retriever wearing a holiday wreath.

Giving Back This Season with PuppyViewer

At this time of year — first Thanksgiving and now Christmas — it is easy to miss the true sense of the season.

Everyone is so busy, worrying about family, presents, groceries, dinners and travel arrangements. There are lists upon lists to consider. The holiday season isn’t supposed to be a stressful time of year, but inevitably, it is.

It is why, as a veterinarian, we understand why we see illness and accidents at this time of year. People are distracted and there are so many potential pitfalls such as the Styrofoam Christmas ball with straight pins and marshmallows — you know the one — the one that the Labrador will eat.

How about hanging chocolates (like Hershey’s kisses) on the tree? You come home, notice something odd about the tree and then realize the dog is ping-ponging off the walls.

True stories!

The holidays are a time to slow down, take a breath, open our hearts and spend time with family — including the cherished four-legged ones.

Giving Back by Connecting Reputable Dog Breeders with Owners

People often ask me why I started PuppyViewer. This is my opportunity to give back.

I wanted to help people understand and make wise decisions about dog ownership so we would have less dogs in rescue. I wanted people to understand that our best friend is not disposable, not a commodity and that price should not be the first question asked.

I wanted to find a deterrent for those who would breed indiscriminately for nothing but profit. That deterrent is education of the dog-loving public to understand what responsible and preservationist breeders do. They want to produce the very best of their breed in physical and psychological ways that make the best pets.

Breeders have many expenses; health testing to strive to produce healthy puppies and the time they spend caring, socializing and selecting new owners is often overlooked. The fact that a breeder will always be there to support, answer questions and in the worst situation take a dog back if an owner cannot keep it. Those who breed for easy money don’t do any of those things.

What’s the “give back” from our best friend? That’s easy – no matter what kind of mood we are in, what kind of day we have had, simply no matter what – they love us, are happy to see us and really just want to hang out… And maybe play a bit.

The epitome of unconditional love.

Have a very safe and restful holiday season. Hug all of those you love — especially the dog!

Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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