How Does PuppyViewer Work?

We at Puppyviewer support ethical breeding. Whether you are looking for a new puppy or are a registered breeder wanting great, forever homes for your dogs , Puppyviewer is the right place to be.   I want a puppy I’m a breeder

For Owners

Find the puppy you are looking for through a registered breeder anywhere on the Puppyviewer platform

Learn how PuppyViewer can help you find the breed you are looking for and connect you with reputable breeders wherever you’re located

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Begin your search for puppy listings from high quality, registered breeders
Review the puppies you are interested in and only contact breeders you feel comfortable with
Connect with the puppy that you want and find your new best friend

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For Breeders

Target individuals that are looking for your puppies and use the system to screen potential owners, start conversations, and place your dogs

Learn how PuppyViewer can help you list your dogs and find the best candidates to purchase your puppies

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Create a PuppyViewer account for your kennel and build your profile to improve your online presence
List your puppies for free including descriptions, photos, videos, pedigree, and health clearances
Promote your listings to the top of search pages or feature them in email blasts or on the homepage of PuppyViewer
Target your audience and promote your puppies the way that you want
Pinpoint the ideal owners for your puppies and use the communication tools in PuppyViewer to prescreen your candidates

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For Service Providers

At puppyviewer, our goal, in addition to supporting our ethical breeders and educating the public as to what is truly involved in dog ownership is to provide a place for all things canine.

Not only do we want to showcase excellent breeders, we want to showcase excellent service providers.

While Puppyviewer is growing all service provider accounts will be free of charge. You can get in on the ground floor! We will give you ample warning (60 days) of when accounts will begin to be charged for. We anticipate service provider pages will be free until fall 2017.

Puppyviewer offers greater flexibility than print ads. You can change your content as often as you wish. Our search function allows dog owners and breeders to search for a service provider by category and location. Everything all in one site.

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Puppyviewer will offer 3 tiers of service provider accounts:

The Bronze level will provide for a name and phone or email listing and will always be free of charge.
The Silver level will be a paid account. You can design your personal page with your logo, content about what you do, photos, links to your site and social media.
The Gold level is a paid account with everything the silver account provides but with, greater space for content and photos. In addition, gold account members have their pages fall above the silver and bronze listings in all service provider searches.

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For Breed Association / Purebred Rescue

We at Puppyviewer encourage our future owners to contact local and national breed clubs and associations for advice and information. These pages are free and permit greater exposure for our breed clubs and act as an invaluable resource for owners. It is our hope that on these pages a synopsis of the breed personality and requirements in addition to health test requirements would be found.

We also know that not everyone wants a puppy and some people would like to adopt purebred dogs for re-homing. We value the work our purebred rescue organizations do and so provide an additional site for contact and information.

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