Samoyed puppies with mother in an open field.

How to Find Reputable Dog Breeders and Avoid Puppy Scams

Although many of us have come together to offer support and kindness to our communities and neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an unfortunate fact that there are still bad actors taking advantage of others during this trying time.

According to the Better Business Bureau and local police forces, puppy scams are on the rise during COVID-19 as people search for companionship amid the global pandemic.

Scammers have been reported to post fraudulent ads online, promising purebred puppies at highly discounted prices, asking for full payment or deposits up front via electronic transfer to “hold” puppies. Once the money is secured, the scammers (and all promises of a sweet purebred pup) vanish.

In other areas of the world, “gazumping” is also becoming commonplace – a term for when a price is agreed with a seller only for another buyer to swoop in with a higher offer.

Getting a puppy during COVID-19 can be a great idea as long as you do your research and weigh the pros and cons for your family, but how can you be sure you’re getting a purebred puppy from a reliable, reputable dog breeder?

Find Reputable Dog Breeders with PuppyViewer’s Free Tool

PuppyViewer’s breeder finder tool is free to use and makes it easy to connect with ethical, reputable purebred breeders near you. Prospective pet owners can create an account at no cost and explore breeders around the world using PuppyViewer’s advanced search tools. Search by breed, by location, age of puppy, sex, weight or more.

Breeder Search Tool

If you’re not sure what kind of puppy is right for your family, PuppyViewer also has a dog breed finder tool that helps you discover the right breed for you and your entire household. With information on almost 400 purebred dog breeds, there’s a perfect match for everyone!

Roxanne’s Cavaliers Breeder Page

Connecting with breeders is secure and simple. You can reach out directly within the PuppyViewer platform, learn what puppies or mature purebred dogs are available, learn about past litters, secure website and location information, and more. Not only do users have direct access to purebred puppies from trusted breeders around the world, PuppyViewer is a space for all dog lovers who want to connect with other canine enthusiasts.

Remember: Happy Endings Begin with Research!

While PuppyViewer is a great place to start the search and connect with reputable breeders, remember that the process of finding your perfect pup can take months of thorough planning and research.

Puppy parents can rest assured knowing that all breeders and puppies registered on have been pre-approved by our team of purebred experts, but it’s still important – and essential! – to ask lots of questions.

Puppies certainly ease feelings of loneliness and bring light, smiles, and lots of love to our lives during these times of uncertainty. Just be sure that your desire to grow your family by four furry feet is not being taken advantage of by scammers by using a safe and reliable tool where reputable breeders are vetted.

Simply create a free account today to begin the process – your fur-ever friend is waiting for you!

Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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