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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging

When you sit down for a meal and your furry friend starts hovering around begging for food with the most adorable puppy-dog eyes, it might be tempting to give them a little something from your plate. Unfortunately, giving in to this temptation reinforces unwanted behaviour, and it will get to a point where you will find your pet not-so-cute anymore, especially when they annoy your guests and family members. 

Aside from the frustration it entails, dog begging can lead to weight issues for your pet. In this post, we will teach you how to discipline your dog so you can enjoy a peaceful meal at all times. Just like how people can’t eat dog treats (no matter how tasty they look!) furbabies should learn that human food isn’t for them either. No more dog begging!

Training Tips to Stop Dog Begging 

While begging is natural for dogs, there are several ways you can put an end to this behaviour, so your dog can learn and maintain proper manners. It might be hard at first to say “no” to your pup’s glistening eyes, but spoiling your dog in the wrong way will do more harm than good. 

Here are some helpful tips from expert trainers on how to stop dog begging.

A dog begging for food from a man eating out of a bowl

Feed Your Dog Before Your Meal 

Make it a habit to feed your dog in a separate room before you sit down to eat. By giving your dog a hefty meal, he or she will be too busy chowing down as you begin eating. Placing the bowl in a separate room or away from your personal dining space is a good way to manage bad dog begging behaviour, as it prevents them from being close by. 

Place Your Dog in a Comfortable Area 

If the dog begging persists after they have finished eating in a separate room, the best way to deal with the situation is to give your dog a comfortable place near the dining area. This way, you are training your dog to have an alternative behaviour. Dog trainers suggest this tactic as the dog will feel that they are still socializing with the family while they get to be in a cozy spot. 

Place a mat or a pillow in the said area, and practice commands such as “go there!” while pointing at the space. Then give them one of their treats when they listen. If your dog already knows the stay command, you can use it to ensure that the dog stays in the designated area until you finish eating.

Ignore and Redirect Dog Begging 

When trying to stop dog begging, the worst thing you can do is give your pet a piece of your food. You are essentially teaching your pet that it’s okay to beg. Ignore this behaviour and make sure not to scold your pups, as it reinforces negative attention. See to it that other options are available for alternative behaviour, such as having a chew toy or a treat in another room. 

Acceptable alternatives will set your dog up for success, as they will have something to occupy their time once they realize that dog begging will not result in having treats or attention. 

Prevent Dog Begging by Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands 

By training your dog basic obedience tricks such as “stay,” “sit,” or “leave it,”  you can make use of these commands to discourage dog begging. For example, if your pet is always jumping on your lap while you eat, you can simply command your dog to “sit” and “stay” to control their attitude. When trying to train your dog, do it after a walk so he or she will have less energy and will be more than willing to eat a treat if they successfully follow your command. 

 A puppy begging

If you or a family member accidentally drops food on the ground and your pet attempts to eat it, apply the “leave it” command to prevent them from coming close. You want your pet to move away from the source of the problem. This actively disengages them from coming near your table and from the food itself. Eventually, they will learn, not even to try. This trick is especially helpful if the food you drop is poisonous to your pup!

Give Your Dog a Reward for Following Through

When you finally notice that your pet has stopped begging, you have to immediately reward them, so they know that they did a good job. Have doggy treats ready, but make sure you don’t give them the reward from where you eat your meals. Instead, step away from the dining area and offer the treat when your dog is located from the other side of the room. 

Block Access From the Dining Area 

If you don’t have time to train your dog before a dinner party, you can prevent dog begging by simply blocking all access from the place where you will serve your guests or family members. You can use pet gates or place them tied in the yard while you enjoy your meal. If you decide to do this, always give your pets an alternative activity to occupy their time. 

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