Owner disinfecting dog toys.

Pandemic-Related Pet Poisoning is on the Rise: Keeping Your Dogs and Puppies Safe

People have been extremely diligent about cleaning and disinfecting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While cleanliness is essential to limit the virus’ spread, there is an unintended side effect on the rise – pet poisonings.

While most responsible puppy parents know what harmful products and ingredients to steer clear of, elevated stress in the wake of COVID-19 can lead to forgetfulness. It’s always good to have a refresher!

Here’s how to keep your dog safe while still keeping your space clean and free of harmful germs and pathogens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pet-Proof Your House and Lock Away Harmful Ingredients

Much like babies, dogs – and more commonly, puppies – explore the world around them using their mouths. Chewing, mouthing, and swallowing are natural instincts that most puppies outgrow that help dogs discover what’s edible and what isn’t.

Keep dangerous substances and chemicals out of reach or locked away with secure and reliable measures. Leaving items out on the counter and seemingly out of reach isn’t good enough. Dogs are clever beings – they’ll find ways we wouldn’t have thought possible to reach products that could be harmful to them.

Remember that it’s not just cleaning products that can have severe adverse effects on dogs when ingested; chocolate, food products containing xylitol, grapes, raisins and more can prove fatal.

Limit Your Dog’s Exposure to Reduce Preventable Accidents

If you’re going to embark on a cleaning spree, keep your pup out of harm’s way. With less opportunity to get into something harmful, the likelihood that your dog could fall ill can be significantly decreased.

This could include a little bit of alone time for your pup safely in their crate or outdoors – with plenty of shade and water, of course! Not only will this limit their exposure to harmful and potentially dangerous items, it can give your pup a bit of space to reduce the separation anxiety they might feel when you head back to your normal routine post-pandemic.

Steer Clear of Products Intended for Human Use or Consumption

Last but not least, germ-killing products like hand sanitizer are only intended for human use and should never be used on dogs. Ingesting gel or spray hand sanitizer products can lead to alcohol poisoning and other severe illness.

Ask your veterinary professional about recommended or local resources in the event of pet poisoning. Acting quickly in an emergency is essential to achieve the best possible outcome for your pup!

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