Basket of Labrador puppies next to their mother.

Responsible & Ethical Breeding: Our Mission, Our Future

One of the best things about PuppyViewer is the platform we’ve created with an ability to connect with dog lovers around the world. Since the launch of PuppyViewer in 2011, we’ve engaged in thousands of insightful and constructive conversations centering around the dog breeding and rescuing industry as a whole, and oftentimes, its shortcomings.

It’s no secret that the world of dog breeding and rescuing needs some serious re-evaluation. Sadly, there are far too many individuals who lack ethics when it comes to innocent animals.

The Importance of Ethical Dog Breeding & Ownership

This is PuppyViewer’s mission at its core – we aim to work with dog lovers everywhere to create a safer future for dogs (and all animals!) by supporting only reputable breeders. This means we must educate ourselves as owners and commit to understanding the role we play in ethical dog breeding and ownership.

PuppyViewer is committed to only connecting owners with breeders who are heavily vetted by our founder, Dr. Sharon French, a veterinarian and veterinary dentist with over 35 years of experience. She reviews all of the breeders listed on PuppyViewer’s free service to establish their legitimacy and makes sure that they’re held to the highest standard with regular monitoring.

This means that some owners may find that PuppyViewer doesn’t have the breed they’re looking for in their area at times, but our list of breeders grows daily. When dog owners use PuppyViewer, they can feel confident they’re making responsible ownership decisions and absolutely not facing any kind of puppy scam.

But What About Rescue?

A topic we often find ourselves discussing with our community is the importance of dog rescue. While there are plenty of dogs that need to be rescued – every dog deserves a loving home! – it should be known that dogs raised by reputable breeders will not be surrendered to shelters should the owner no longer be able to care for them. Responsible breeders will always take back their dogs.

If you are making the choice to buy a puppy, make sure you’re only buying from one of these individuals to reduce the impact of dogs in shelters. This is just one example of ethical, responsible breeding. The list is extensive!

Rescue has its place, but it’s important to support purebred rescue groups who assess dogs and re-home them in their very best forever home. Rescuing from disguised puppy mills only serves to reward bad actors and perpetuates a devastating cycle that focuses on profit instead of the health and wellbeing of animals.

The Future of PuppyViewer

As PuppyViewer continues to grow, we hope to educate even more dog lovers about responsible breeding practices and help other sweet puppies find their forever homes.

If you know someone looking to grow their family by four furry feet, or a responsible, ethical breeder who is committed to placing their puppies in the best homes possible, please share PuppyViewer with them as a resource.

Together, we can work toward changing the dog breeding and rescuing industry for the better!

Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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