Shih Tzu under purple towel after being groomed.

Top 3 Winter Grooming Must-Dos for Your Dog

Winter has finally arrived! Whether your dog is a fan of snowy adventures or prefers to cozy up beside you on the couch, it’s important to switch up your pup’s grooming routine in the winter to keep them healthy and happy as the seasons change.

1. Adopt a Winter Coat Care Routine and Good Grooming Habits

Grooming and brushing is always important, but even more so in the winter months. In fact, a well cared-for coat helps your dog maintain their body temperature in colder weather and protects from the elements.

Some people might think that less grooming or brushing is required in the winter because long coats equal more warmth, but that’s not the case. Longer coats usually require more daily care and upkeep to avoid becoming unmanageable.

If you have specific questions or concerns about taking care of your pup’s winter coat, including how frequently it should be clipped or brushed, reach out to your groomer for their expertise.

2. Beat Dry Winter Skin by Locking in Moisture

Just like us, dogs can experience dry skin in cooler temperatures and dry heat, but regular bathing can help. A good shampoo, condition, and blow dry once a month can help lock in moisture. Always be sure your dog is completely dry post-bath before heading out for a winter walk in order to protect their skin.

Do you have concerns about your dog’s dry skin? Reach out to your veterinary professional; they might have products, supplements, or dietary changes they can recommend to keep skin healthy year-round.

3. Protect Paws and Nails from Ice, Snow, and Harsh Chemicals

Feet and nails need a little bit of extra attention in the winter to stave off the harsh effects of chemical ice melters and salts you might encounter on your daily walks. Nails should be trimmed regularly and fur between paw pads clipped short for your dog’s safety.

Buildup of chemical ice melters or salt in this area can lead to severe consequences for your pup when they go to groom themselves. If ice and snow accumulate here, it can be uncomfortable for your dog and potentially lead to frostbite.

To protect your dog’s feet even further in the winter, consider trying a pair of dog boots – if your pup is okay with that, of course! Specially designed paw protectors keep the elements out and warmth and moisture in.

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