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Top Five Reasons Why Purebred Puppies are Best!

Dogs are simply the best – there’s no arguing that! But when it comes to selecting a new furry friend, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with the information and differing opinions at your fingertips, especially when choosing to adopt a purebred pup.

Whatever route you choose to take, it’s important to be informed. Owning a dog is a huge – yet rewarding – commitment, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At PuppyViewer, we’re dedicated to finding purebred puppies forever homes, and today we’re sharing the top five reasons why purebred puppies are the best choice when growing your family by four furry feet.

Health Guarantees

Purebred breeders take the health of their puppies seriously and some go as far as to certify and guarantee them should issues arise in the future.

Breeders select parental matches that exclude genetic diseases to ensure the best health possible for your new furry family member. While extremely rewarding, dog ownership can also be costly, and choosing a puppy that has been bred with care can save you health-related costs in the long term.

Clear Family Ties

When you adopt a purebred pup, you’ll learn about their parents and family line; something that isn’t always possible with mix-breed dogs or rescues.

You’ll be able to meet your dog’s mother and sometimes, their father, too. If dad isn’t on site, your breeder will have pedigree and pictures of your puppy’s father.

By meeting mom and dad, you’ll know exactly where your dog came from. You want the best for your puppy and hope that extends to the environment he or she was born in, too.

If this important parental background is missing and you don’t get a chance to at least meet your pup’s mom during the adoption process… Run!

Temperament and Behaviour Predictability

And speaking of mom and dad, you’ll get a sense of what your furry friend might be like in terms of behaviour when you meet your puppy’s parents.

Responsible breeders carefully match dogs to account for temperament and physical conformity, and you can often predict what qualities your puppy will have based on the inherent traits of the breed.

For example, Golden Retrievers are known for being affectionate and even-tempered, while Jack Russell terriers are identified by their high energy and hunting instinct. When adopting a mixed breed dog, it can be difficult to determine what mix of physical traits and attributes you’ll get.

Ethical, Knowledgeable Breeding

During your search for a purebred puppy, you’ll connect with knowledgeable breeders who are passionate about their puppies and want to find them the best possible homes.

Unlike “backyard breeders” who breed and sell puppies without much knowledge about ethical, selective breeding, purebred breeders are canine experts who have carefully and thoughtfully selected your puppy’s parentage and know all there is to know about the dogs in their care.

Your Puppy Will Always Have a Happy Home

Some people worry about what will happen to their beloved pup if something were to affect their ability to care for them one day. Purebred breeders think of their dogs like members of their own family, and many will gladly welcome them back into their own homes with loving arms in case your circumstances change unexpectedly.

Now that you know why purebred pups are best, are you ready to find your new best friend? We’re here to help! To learn more about purebred dogs and connect with breeders, join the PuppyViewer community today.

Your new family member is precious and choosing the right puppy takes research and time. With PuppyViewer you can be sure that your time and effort will not be wasted!

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