Purebred Husky breeder with her puppies.

What to Ask Breeders Before Buying a Purebred Puppy

Once you’ve found the space in your home, lifestyle and heart for a new furry family member, it’s time to consider the next phase of the adoption process – finding the best breeder possible.

From their level of experience to the investment required and information about the dogs themselves, there are so many questions to ask a breeder that it can feel overwhelming.

To help you on your purebred adoption journey, we’re sharing five must-ask questions that you should have at the top of your list when you’re interviewing potential purebred breeders.

And remember, an indication of a reputable breeder is the number of questions they’ll have for you, too!

What kind of experience do you have as a breeder?

Ideally, you want to find a high-quality breeder with several years of experience with a particular type of purebred.

If a breeder has jumped from breed to breed, proceed with caution! They might be trying to turn a quick profit based on breed popularity and could be lacking the essential expertise and knowledge of an experienced purebred breeder.

Can I meet the puppies’ parents?

This is a very important question for your breeder and one we always encourage potential owners to ask.

You should always be able to meet your puppy’s mother on site, and sometimes, dad, too. This is not only important to see where your puppy came from, but to judge what your puppy’s temperament and even size might be like.

When you get to meet your puppy’s mother, it’s normal to see a dog that’s a little anxious with strangers around her babies, but she should be well-socialized and calm when on her own.

If your puppy’s mother is not on site, you may want to consider other breeders. If your puppy’s father isn’t around, know that this is normal. Oftentimes, a reputable breeder will send the female away in order to make an ethical and healthy match.

If dad isn’t available, your breeder should have his pictures and papers to show you instead.

Do your puppies come with a health guarantee?

Responsible, ethical purebred breeders provide guarantees for their pups, and will usually welcome them back if you can no longer care for your pet.

Ensure your breeder presents you with a record of health for both pup and parents, and a document that outlines any guarantees and all associated terms in case of unforeseen health issues. Your purebred puppy’s parents should have health clearances as required by their respective breed club.

Many breeders will have their litters check for hearing, eyes and hearts before they make their way to their furever homes, but this can vary from breed to breed.

Don’t be afraid to ask your breeder for references, or be surprised if they ask you for references, too! The process is all about finding the perfect match for both owner and pet.

Will the puppies be registered?

In Canada, a dog cannot be legally sold as a purebred without a Purebred Dog Certificate of Registration issued by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

This certificate will list your puppy’s registered name, breed, date of birth, and information about its parents. A purebred breeder is responsible for registering these details with the CKC and forwarding you all associated certificates within six months of purchase.

How are the puppies socialized?

This is an important one: you want to ensure your puppy is getting the best socialization and care in its early life to build a strong foundation for the well-mannered dog they will grow to become.

Ask to see where your puppy is sleeping, playing and eating. Ample human contact is key to early socialization – if the puppies have been raised in a garage, barn or basement, they may not be getting the best socialization possible.

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