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Why Choose a Purebred Puppy? The Benefits of Purebred Dogs

Finding the right puppy is not as easy as it sounds – it can be a difficult process that requires a lot of careful thought and research. One of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself is what breed is best for you and your lifestyle. Here are just a few great reasons people choose a Purebred puppy.

Purebred Puppies: The Benefits

The benefits of purebred puppies and responsible, ethical breeding are clear. When you choose a purebred puppy that’s been responsibly bred, you’ll:

  • Know exactly what you’re getting in terms of their health, temperament, appearance, and characteristics;
  • Have access to a highly knowledgeable and passionate breeder who is truly an expert in their field; and
  • Rest assured knowing your puppy will always have a caring, loving home in the event you can no longer care for them.

Purebred Puppies are Predictable

From temperament and behavior to appearance and size, purebred puppies are predictable – in the very best way!

Responsible breeders carefully match dogs to account for their temperament and physical conformity and along with inherent breed traits, this means it is easier to predict what sort of dog your tiny pup will grow to be.

When choosing a purebred puppy, you get to witness their breed specific natural instincts come to life! These instincts have been expertly bred into them for generations. Watching a herding breed start to move cattle? A companion dog faithfully watching over your child? What about a service dog chosen specifically for their abilities and let us not forget about their loyalty? An amazing thing to see.

Young child and purebred dog sleeping

Purebred breeders can also provide you with in-depth knowledge about your pup’s lineage, sharing information about your dog’s genetic makeup to help you predict their future health outlook.

The puppies parents have been carefully chosen for their health to make sure the puppy you get has the best chance of being healthy for many years to come.

Most importantly, ethical and responsible breeders adhere to health clearances in order to improve the breed and diminish disease.

Health clearances are not something you will find in a puppy mill or through a backyard breeder, and lack of health clearances can lead to extreme heartache and extra costs down the line.

Purebred Puppies are Bred by Knowledgeable Experts

Purebred breeders who adopt a highly ethical, responsible approach to breeding are experts in their field and devoted to their chosen breed. They will not hesitate to share their knowledge or experience with you and will always provide you with extensive information about your puppy’s history.

Purebred Breeders can help you through the process of socializing and training your new puppy which is an incredibly crucial part of your puppy’s development. The years of experience they have training your specific breed makes this a whole lot easier as you will get extremely personalized tips & tricks on how best to work with your new puppy.

Your purebred breeder will help match you with the perfect puppy for you. In every litter puppies express a range of different personality traits. Through observing and evaluating the litter on a daily basis your trained purebred expert will be able to match you with a puppy that best suits you. They want to make sure it’s a perfect match for the both of you!

This gives you the advantage of always having an expert on your side who is invested in your puppy’s wellbeing and is willing and ready to help answer any and all breed-specific questions.

When you work with a purebred breed expert, you can rest assured that your relationship will be a lifelong one. Most breeders love their dogs like family. Responsible breeders are happy and ready to continue to provide support and expertise or just enjoy the photos of your puppy growing up.

Purebred Puppies Are Given The Best from Day 1

Purebred breeders also have the experience and knowledge to give puppies exactly what they need from a very young age, nurturing and socializing them to help them become the very best good boys or girls they can be!

This sets your purebred puppy up for success when it comes to transitioning into their new home as usually purebred puppies are used to socializing with other people and pets and they may have already begun to adopt good habits with the help of their breeder.

When training your puppy you will benefit from the process already having been started by your breeder, with them giving you the information on how to continue and what to expect from the training process with your specific breed.

You can be confident in knowing your purebred breeder has given your pup the perfect nutrition from the beginning.

Sadly, this isn’t the case when working with irresponsible breeders more interested in money than the puppies they produce or the puppies’ well-being.

When you get a purebred puppy from a responsible breeder, you can be sure your new puppy was given all the love, care and support needed to prepare them for a long and happy life with you.

Purebred Puppies Will Always be Cared For

Speaking of continued support and expertise, ethical and responsible purebred breeders typically provide assurance to puppy owners that their furry friend will always have a safe and happy home to return to in the tragic event that you can no longer provide care for your pet.

And having that assurance is priceless!

Remember – always ask questions when searching for a purebred dog or breeder. Your questions should be met with reasonable answers. No question is too small!  And if you have any concerns, do not rush into commitment. You cannot rush finding your new best friend. Happy endings begin with research!

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