Why PuppyViewer?

Meet Dr. Sharon French

I am often asked why I founded PuppyViewer.com and what on earth is in it for me.

I have been a veterinarian for over 32 years, 27 of those as a veterinary dentist. While working in a critical care facility I look after all manner of trauma cases and older pets with health issues – those that aren’t ready to say goodbye but can’t eat without pain.

I also see puppies coming from puppy mills and mass production facilities or dog brokers importing from other countries. I see them not only for fairly common problems but a myriad of other issues that need to be addressed by the nine specialty groups I work with.

I used to say “don’t get me started talking about these poor puppies!” Then it occurred to me that I must start talking about them or we will never make any change.

People often respond with “just rescue”. Rescue has its place, but we want to support purebred rescue groups who assess these dogs and re-home them in the best forever home. Rescuing from these disguised puppy mills only serves to reward them. Yes, we save a few but it perpetuates the whole process.

Then there are designer breeds – – I can only say hybrid vigor doesn’t really appear to occur with these breeds. More often than not, it is the worst of both. Ethical purebred dog breeders do not knowingly send their puppies into a mixed breed program. Which means even the starting point is flawed. We support breeders doing health clearances in their efforts to breed the very best dogs.

Our goal is to help people make great informed choices when they get a dog and to support our outstanding breeders by helping people understand what it takes to breed great dogs. And to reduce hideous mass production. PuppyViewer.com may not be the only solution, but if we don’t start, nothing will ever change

So what is in it for me? If I can save an owner from the heartache of an unfortunate choice or see one less dog in rescue or one less dog in a endless breeding cycle then I will have accomplished something and the world will seem like a brighter place.

Please join me in putting our best efforts forward.

Sharon French